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'Coffee' is Ethiopia's Gift to the World ...

The term coffee derives from Kaffa (a region in Southwest Ethiopia) where the flower was first discovered blossoming. The name Kafa is inherited from the hieroglyphic nouns KA and AFA into Oromfia and Kaficho. KA is the name of God. AFA is the name of earth and of all plants that grow on earth. SO the word KOFFEE or COFFEE means 'the land or plant of God'.

The coffee ceremony is a sacred tradition in Ethiopia. The famous coffee ceremony, which takes roughly 30 minutes to prepare and consists of each guest drinking a minimum of 3 cups of coffee, shows just how much coffee has become a part of Ethiopian culture.

The preparation of the coffee like one would find in its place of birth, combined with the wonderful aroma of the roasting coffee bean, and when you are inclined to celebrate like in Ethiopia, with the wafting of burning incense through the air, one experiences without doubt a feast for the senses. And not only this, but one finds time again for friends and family and of course last but not least the coffee.





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