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The national drink of Ethiopia is Tej, a golden sweet honey-wine. Tej is a mead that is indigenous to Ethiopia with roots going back to the 4th century.

This legendary wine is the oldest beverage known to mankind. For Centuries this delicious wine has been produced from pure honey in many forms. In Ethiopia mainly women have been producing this wine for millennia, though men also play the main roles in tasting it for approval. Ethiopia has the largest bee population in Africa, thus making Ethiopia the fourth largest producer of honey in the world. As a result, Ethiopia could well have been a major honey exporter; instead 80% of its honey goes locally for the production of Tej (Honey Wine).

The basic ingredients to make a premium Tej are essentially pure honey, and hand cultivated ‘Gesho’, organic hops, found only on the highlands of Ethiopia.

Depending on the desired taste, the time required for processing this organic wine could take several months.

Although somewhat similar to the production of wine, Tej requires special supervision and care. The choice of high quality honey, fermentation and time of maturing are all important factors influencing the fine quality of this ancient wine. Unlike other wine, our Tej is a naturally fermented wine that is absolutely made without any sulfites or preservatives.

In Ethiopia, Tej is consumed at mealtimes and as a cocktail. Traditionally, it was also used to toast the bride and groom at weddings.

The extract of the Gesho parts a bitter quality to the Tej making it the ideal drink to complement the Ethiopian spicy food. The honey- sweet, bitter, dry tone of Tej is enhanced by the food.

We are proud to say that we have brought to this part of the world a drink that is central to an ancient culture and history of Ethiopia.

When glasses are filled with Tej, they contain the same golden drink that was enjoyed by Queen of Sheba and King Solomon in 950 BC. Enjoy it slightly chilled. As we say in Ethiopia Le tenachin! To our health!



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